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Stay Comfortable At The Dentist With Oral Conscious Sedation

The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry At Harrisburg Smiles

  • Patients with dental anxiety can overcome their fear, and get the preventative care they need to avoid tooth decay, tooth infections, periodontal disease, and other oral issues
  • You can feel relaxed in the dentist’s chair, making it easier to undergo prolonged dental surgeries and procedures. Oral conscious sedation is also ideal for pediatric dentistry, and can help your child feel more comfortable at the dentist.
  • Oral conscious sedation works with local numbing agents and injections to completely eliminate discomfort during your dental appointment

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

Oral conscious sedation usually takes the form of a pill, such as Halcion, Valium, or another benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are powerful anti-anxiety medications, which often also cause sleepiness and reduce your level of consciousness, making them ideal sedatives.

Dr. Cherukuri will provide you with your pill about an hour before your procedure. You will take your medication, and then, as it is digested, it will be processed into your bloodstream.

Your feelings of fear and anxiety will be reduced, and you will feel a bit drowsy and groggy. You may even fall asleep in the dentist’s chair. Most folks do not remember most of their procedure, after the sedative has taken effect.

Side effects are minimal, usually limited to disorientation, sleepiness, and nausea. However, you will not be able to drive for several hours after your appointment. Ensure that you make adequate transportation arrangements.

Can I Be Sedated At The Dentist?

Sedation can be used to help with a number of different issues, such as:

  • Dental anxiety
  • Fear of needles and injections
  • A strong gag reflex
  • Difficulty sitting still in the dentist’s chair
  • Mitigating discomfort in patients with an extremely low pain tolerance
  • Ensuring comfort during a prolonged appointment involving multiple surgeries, such as dental implants

However, even if you do not suffer from dental anxiety, and you do not need sedation for any of the above issues, we are willing to offer you sedation, should you request it.

There are only a few reasons that you would not qualify for sedation, such as a history of drug abuse, an allergy to sedative medication, mental health issues like acute depression and anxiety, or pregnancy/nursing.

If you are thinking about being sedated at the dentist, please contact our team for more information about our sedation dentistry services. We pride ourselves on offering professional services in a comfortable, approachable environment.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The cost of sedation will vary, based on your age, gender, weight, and overall health, as well as the length of your appointment. However, the cost of oral conscious sedation at Harrisburg Smiles is typically very reasonable.

If you are interested in being sedated, simply ask Dr. Cherukuri how much it will cost at your appointment. He will be able to give you more specifics on the cost at this time, allowing you to make the proper decision for your needs, and your budget.

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