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Can I Get Invisalign From A Dentist

Can I Get Invisalign From A Dentist? What You Need To Know

If you have issues with the alignment of your teeth or with your bite, you may be wondering if you can get Invisalign from a dentist, or if you need to see an orthodontist to straighten your smile with Invisalign in Harrisburg. Find out everything you need to know in this article from Harrisburg Smiles!

You Don’t Need To See An Orthodontist To Get Invisalign

General dentists like Dr. Naveen Cherukuri and Dr. Sanath are fully capable of providing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. If you want to straighten your smile in Harrisburg, you don’t have to find an orthodontist. You can simply come to Harrisburg Smiles to get the treatment you need.

Because Invisalign is meant to treat mild-to-moderate orthodontic problems, it does not require as much special training to use, so general dentists are fully qualified to work with Invisalign and provide aligners to straighten your smile. Both general dentists and orthodontists can provide equally-effective treatment with Invisalign.

What Can I Expect If I Get Invisalign At The Dentist?

The process will begin with a comprehensive consultation at Harrisburg Smiles. Dr. Cherukuri Will examine your mouth and make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment with Invisalign. If you’re approved, he will take images and impressions of your teeth, and work with Invisalign to develop your treatment plan.

After a few weeks, your first several sets of Invisalign aligners will arrive at our office. You’ll come in and see Dr. Cherukuri to pick them up, and get instructions on wearing your aligners.

You’ll wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, and switch to a new set about every 2 weeks. Every 4-6 weeks, you will come to Harrisburg Smiles for a quick consultation, and to pick up your next few sets of aligners.

Seeing An Orthodontist May Be Necessary For Major Orthodontic Issues

While you can get Invisalign from a dentist, this may not always be the best option. Invisalign is only intended to treat minor-to-moderate orthodontic problems, such as gaps in your smile, crowded or crooked teeth, and minor overbites, underbites, or crossbites.

If you have more severe orthodontic problems, such as a severe overbite, major teeth alignment issues, or other such issues, Invisalign may not be a good option. It’s not meant to treat these kinds of orthodontic conditions.

Instead, Dr. Cherukuri may refer you to a specialized orthodontist in the area for treatment with braces. Braces are usually a better option for treating major orthodontic problems, and they can be used alongside surgical treatments to resolve almost any problem related to the alignment of your teeth and jaw.

Get An Orthodontic Consultation At Harrisburg Smiles Today!

Not sure if you qualify for Invisalign at the dentist, or if braces from an orthodontist may be right for you in Harrisburg? Come to Harrisburg Smiles today. Dr. Cherukuri can examine your mouth, assess your orthodontic issues, and help you determine the best option for your case. Call now at (980) 258-0866, or contact us online to get started.

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