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How To Save A Tooth During A Dental Emergency

Nobody wants to experience a serious dental emergency, but it’s always good to expect the unexpected, and be prepared. In this guide from Harrisburg Smiles, we’ll discuss how you can save a tooth during a dental emergency. 

Whether your tooth is loose, cracked or broken, or has been knocked out (avulsed), you can follow these tips to maximize the chances that Dr. Cherukuri will be able to save it. 

Saving A Broken Or Cracked Tooth

If your tooth has been seriously chipped, broken, or cracked, you need to get help right away from Harrisburg Smiles. While your tooth may not die immediately, it may cause you a lot of pain, and a broken tooth will likely eventually become infected, and require a root canal.

If you get immediate treatment and restore your tooth with a dental crown, you can avoid the need for a root canal, and get help for your pain and discomfort. To save your tooth, call us immediately and set up an appointment.

Then, you can take steps to treat your pain and discomfort as you wait for your same-day appointment. If your mouth is bleeding, you can use paper towels, gauze, or cotton balls to absorb blood. Applying an ice pack to your cheek near the damaged tooth can also help with pain, as can over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

Saving A Loose Tooth

If your tooth is loose due to an oral injury, call us immediately for an appointment so that it can be splinted back in place, and heal properly. You should come to Harrisburg Smiles within 2 hours to have your tooth splinted.

While you wait, avoid moving the tooth with your tongue. The less you touch it or move it, the stronger it will be when it’s splinted, and the faster it will heal. Come to our office as soon as you can to replace your tooth.

Saving A Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth

Time is absolutely of the essence when it comes to saving a knocked-out tooth. For the best results, you need to have your tooth replaced within 1-2 hours at most. Recover your tooth immediately, grabbing it by the top (crown) to avoid damaging the root.

Put the tooth in a container of cold milk or replace it in its socket to keep it moist. Then, call Harrisburg Smiles and let us know you’re coming in immediately for an appointment. We will prepare for your visit, and treat you as soon as we can to save your tooth.

Follow These Tips To Preserve Your Smile After Tooth Damage

If you come to Harrisburg Smiles as soon as you can after your tooth is broken, loosened by an injury, or knocked out, you’ll have the best chance of saving it. So follow these tips, and remember to contact us at (980) 258-0866 for a same day appointment if you ever experience a serious dental emergency in Harrisburg. and Dr. Cherukuri will treat you as soon as they can, restore your tooth, and provide you with relief from your pain and discomfort.

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