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Dental emergencies happen all the time, and we’ve seen just about everything. The most important thing to remember is not to wait. Infections, injuries, chips, and pain can worsen over time. Harrisburg Smiles offers same-day appointments for emergency work to ensure your teeth are back in service as soon as possible. Let us get you back on your feet and smiling again!

What’s a dental emergency?

It’s hard to know what constitutes a dental emergency until you’re in one. Sometimes it’s obvious – you’ve suffered a dental injury during a contact sport or because of an accident. Other times, they seem to just appear one day out of the blue – you wake up with a terrible toothache or you notice that a tooth is loose. Pain is a clear indication that something is wrong, but if you experience any of the following, call us right away:

  • Broken, chipped or cracked tooth
  • Knocked out or avulsed tooth
  • Severe toothache, or headache accompanied by toothache
  • Loose tooth or teeth
  • Tooth intrusion (when a tooth is pushed back into the gum and jawbone)

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, remember the Four Cs:

  1. Stay Calm: The most important thing you can do in the case of a dental emergency is take a step back and keep a cool head. Drastic action and non-professional treatment can make the situation worse.
  2. Call Immediately: Schedule your same-day appointment with Harrisburg Smiles by contacting us. It’s important to be seen within 12 hours of the injury, so don’t wait!
  3. Take Care: Make sure to take the proper steps to care for your dental issue. Rinse any wounds and clear debris with water. Take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce swelling. Apply gauze and pressure to stop bleeding.
  4. Come In: Visit our office, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery!

Broken, Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

A broken, chipped or cracked tooth is usually the result of direct oral trauma, such as a slip and fall, a hard hit in a contact sport, or a similar injury to the mouth. If your tooth looks cracked, chipped or broken, come see Dr. Naveen Cherukuri immediately. If you do not get help right away, you could experience further complications, like a tooth infection.

If the chip is minor, your tooth may be restored with a veneer or dental bonding. If your tooth is more seriously cracked or damaged, you may need a crown to repair it. A root canal may also be necessary if the tooth appears to be infected. 

Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Teeth

Oral trauma is the most common cause of a knocked-out (avulsed) tooth. Time is extremely important if you have a tooth knocked out. It must be replaced within 1-2 hours to save it. Grab your tooth, rinse it with warm water, and replace it in the socket or put it in a bag of cold milk. Do not handle it by the root. Only grasp it by the crown.

Come to our office right away to have Dr. Cherukuri splint the tooth back into place. If you get help quickly, your tooth will eventually heal and re-attach to the underlying socket. 

Severe Toothaches

If you have a very serious toothache or a toothache accompanied by a headache, you likely have an infected tooth. This happens when your enamel is destroyed by an oral injury or tooth decay, exposing the soft, vulnerable “pulp” that keeps your tooth alive.

If you suspect that you have an infected tooth, come into our office for a root canal right away. Root canal therapy removes the infected tissue and restores the inside of your tooth, saving it and protecting it from further damage. If you do not get treatment for an infected tooth, it will eventually fall out or need to be extracted. Contact us for a same-day appointment now.

Loose Teeth

If you have a loose tooth or multiple loose teeth after an oral injury, come into Harrisburg Smiles to have your teeth splinted. This allows your teeth and gums to heal properly and restores your smile. 

Loose teeth can also occur if you have a serious case of gum disease. If this is the case, you will need to have periodontal treatment at Harrisburg Smiles. We will clean away the plaque and tartar causing gum disease, and may recommend antibiotic treatments or surgical treatments to restore your smile.

Tooth Intrusion (Pushed Back Into Gum & Jaw Bone)

Tooth intrusion is almost always related to oral trauma. It occurs when a tooth is driven back into its socket and requires emergency treatment from Harrisburg Smiles. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, your tooth may need to be surgically repositioned, or repositioned using orthodontics. Endodontic therapy (root canal) is also usually required to restore the inside of the tooth, and prevent infection and further damage to the tooth. In some cases, it may be necessary to extract the tooth and replace it with a prosthetic such as a dental implant.


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