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Family Dentistry

We’re serving all ages in Harrisburg

A professionally-approved oral care routine paired with regular biannual appointments will work wonders for you and your loved ones. It’s always the right time to reinforce healthy dental habits, and it’s never too late to learn either. Trust our experienced staff to make dental education accessible for all ages.


Regular brushing twice a day is a must, but professional cleanings from your dentist reach places that toothbrushes can’t. At Harrisburg Smiles, we do everything we can to make your routine cleanings efficient and thorough, so you can get back to your day.

Fillings & Sealants

Cavities happen. And our team knows how to make things right. It’s important to us to make sure your cavity is cleaned and sealed with the greatest care. And our practice is passionate about crafting perfect smiles, so you can count on Harrisburg Smiles to fix cavities and help prevent them with dental sealants.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

No one should live with the pain or risk of a tooth that needs to go. Which is why we can help you with your wisdom teeth and other extractions. If you are experiencing tooth or gum pain due to impacted teeth, don’t wait. Schedule your appointment today! [link to Contact Page]

Root Canals

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain and feel like you might be in need of a root canal, don’t wait for it to become a serious issue. Call us today! We can quickly examine your teeth and begin the treatment process immediately. The sooner you see a professional, the easier treatment will be!

TMJ Treatments

Get your teeth and jaw back in action and get back in the game. If you’re experiencing discomfort when chewing, abnormal jaw pain, or are grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment with Harrisburg Smiles to see if you could benefit from TMJ Treatments.

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